Web Debugger

An open-source tool to intercept & modify network requests, headers, API requests, inject scripts & much more.

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HTTP Debugging

A complete HTTP debugging software that works on your browser, simple & fast.

Modify API Response

Develop frontend without ready a backend or Modify existing API responses on production environment

Modify HTTP Headers

Add, Delete or Override Request & Response Headers

Redirect API and script requests

Redirect APIs/Scripts from one environment to another (e.g. Prod to Staging)

Insert Custom Scripts

Inject custom scripts/styles on external webpages for testing/demo purposes.

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An open-source platform that speeds up your web development cycle 10x faster.

minimal configuration for bug reporting

Session Recording

Data rich bug reporting with Network logs, Console logs, Session Video and environment details. Share it with your Engineering team for faster debugging.

Mock API Server

Generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server. Edit Content-Type, Status Code, Headers, and Response body easily on the Mock Server.

Web-based API Client

A comprehensive and web-based tool for modifying and testing APIs. You can test the Mock APIs you're creating here to fast track your development lifecycle.

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