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Chrome-like developer tools for Android

Free & Open-Source developer tool for Android apps.

Takes less than 5-mins to setup and saves hours of testing.

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No Proxy/SSL hassles

With Requestly, you never need to configure proxy and install SSL certificates on your device. Intercept & Modify all API requests & responses directly on the device.

One-Time setup

It takes less than 5-mins to setup Requestly SDK in your app and once configured everyone in your team can use it.

No impact on release builds

Our integration steps ensure that our SDK gets removed with the tree shaking step in the release build process. No impact on your release build whatsoever.

Safe, secure and open source

Requestly Android SDK is open-source on Github. We also commit to best development practices. Completely safe & secure to use.

Download device sessions

Easily Share browsing sessions with api logs, event logs and crash stack traces from the device with developers. Enables easy debugging for remote devices and device-specific issues

1-Click Bug Reporting

Create bug reports in project management tools like JIRA, Slack, Asana, etc with single click integration.

Built by us, designed by you

Android Apps Debugger

Get complete visibility of what’s happening in the app

Network Inspector

Inspect all API traffic directly on device with all details like request body, response body, request & response headers. You can also share cURL & download entire session.

Host Switcher

Switch environment for all (or selective) APIs endpoints (e.g. Point all APIs to Staging env)

Analytics Inspector

Inspect analytics events with complete data directly on the device. Very handy for data analysts and product managers to test & debug analytics events instrumentation.

View logs

Inject custom scripts/styles on external webpages for testing/demo purposes.

Sample apps with Requestly Debugger

Explore real workflows that save companies time & eliminate old tools.

CryptoDemo APK

Infinity Reddit APK

Pokedex APK

For the developers, by the developers ❤️

From Debug to Deploy: Developers Trust Requestly

“Requestly has changed how we work for the better. By employing it to rigorously test our staging code on external websites, we've experienced a turbo-boost in our testing speed!״
Andres Velasco
Tech Lead | Making Science
“Requestly not just made it easier for us to develop, test & debug our code on our customer sites but It also helps us do engaging product demos to our prospective clients.״
Michael Levinson
Co-Founder & CPO | Joyned
“Requestly is awesome. I used to use Charles proxy in my day to day work but it always messed with my wifi. I haven't had any issues with Requestly. Requestly's UI is amazing too and great to work in.״
Carl Hand
Senior Software Engineer | Workday
“I'm a big fan of Requestly, and use it on a daily basis as a QA Engineer. It removes the need to use Charles pretty often, which is always nice. I can just use Requestly directly in Chrome״
Mike Mitchell
QA Engineer | Clayton Homes