Requestly for Safari

Intercept & apply Rules to Modify HTTP requests in Safari

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How to use Requestly with Safari safari

1. Install Requestly Desktop app

If you haven't already, install the Requestly Desktop app from the link above. In the app, find your proxy server information in the top bar. Note the host (usually and the port number (usually 8080).


3. Save Requestly Certificate

Click Save Certificate in the app and double click it to install. Open Keychain Access and set the certificate to trusted.

4. Set system proxy

In your Network preferences, set the HTTP and HTTPS proxy to the values you got from the app.

3. All set

Restart the browser, if required, and now all your network traffic would be passed through Requestly.


When you are done using Requestly or any network inconsistency appears, simply unset the system proxy.

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