Supercharge debugging in Linux

Modify Headers, Redirect URLs, Switch Hosts, Mock API Response, Delay Network requests, Insert Custom Scripts and much more.


Increase debugging efficiency in Linux using these features

Debug production/staging websites without deployment

Use local files(js/css) directly in production/staging environments

Decrease time spent in deployments for testing small changes

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Redirect Production to Local

Add/Modify/Delete Request or Response Headers in Linux

Add test headers like trace-id, uid in production without modifying source code

Bypass CORS issues in one click

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Modify Headers

Modify Response on the fly

Modify the response of a request (Manually / Programatically) in Production without changing anything in backend

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Mock UI without creating API

Simulate UI behaviour when the backend isn't ready and you want to mock the API response.

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Mock API


Share your rules with anyone in company using Sharedlist

Mock Status Code

Mock Response Status code of any request to test error scenarios

Delay Request

Delay Any request on production to replicate api latencies and debug race conditions

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