Redirect URL

Redirect a request URL (or matching pattern) to another URL.

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Additional Examples

Create URL shortcuts for JIRA projects ?

Many a times we struggle with browser auto-completing URLs for us which may be different than desired URL we want to open.

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Overcome your Muscle memory to Stay Calm & Productive

In this pandemic situation, almost entire tech industry is working from home. Staying focussed & productive is a constant challenge especially when you ...

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From the Internet

Replace any image on a webpage with requestly

Have you ever wondered how your new logo will look like on the production version of your page? Would you like to see that beautiful new logo in context?

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Use your preferred search engine

Using Requestly, a Chrome extension that allows you to mangle requests as they happen, we can configure rules that will make sure that any search query ...

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More Awesome Features

Requestly packs many more awesome features to debug network requests.

Redirect URL

Redirect a request URL (or matching pattern) to another URL.

Block Network Requests

Block requests, websites by specifying keywords or entire URL

Modify HTTP(s) Request & Response Headers

Add, Delete, Replace Request & Response Headers.

Modify Response

This Rule allows you to Mock the Response Body of the AJAX Request

Cross Device Testing

Check how your site looks on multiple devices, browsers, dimensions etc

Insert Custom Scripts

Allows you to automate, scrape & change webpage's behaviour with little knowledge of JS & CSS.

Modify Query Params

Insert, Modify or Delete query parameters for URLs (or matching pattern)

Delay Request Rule

Delay requests by specifying keywords or entire URL

Mock Server

Edit Content-Type, Status Code, and Body of the Response on our Server.

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