Mock Server

Edit Content-Type, Status Code, and Body of the Response on our Server. Edit and Delete Mock API Responses without building an API. Add/Remove Headers as well

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Using our Mock Server we enable the user to generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server. We also allow the user to upload HTML/CSS/JS files on our server and see it live in action using the URL generated without actually hosting the project.

Application and use cases

These are some of the main features that you will find yourself using.

Mock Backend response

When the backend isn't ready and you want to mock the API response.

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Mock Backend response | undefined

Mock different Formats

Beside from mocking an API Response, we also allow you to write plain HTML/CSS/JS on our editor and test it out without the hassle of deploying.

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Mock different Formats | undefined

Control the Mock

You can edit or delete the Mock. The mock allows you to edit Content-Type, Status Code and body of the response. Also enables you to Add/Remove Headers

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Control the Mock | undefined

More Awesome Features

Requestly packs many more awesome features to debug network requests.

Redirect URL

Redirect a request URL (or matching pattern) to another URL.

Block Network Requests

Block requests, websites by specifying keywords or entire URL

Modify HTTP(s) Request & Response Headers

Add, Delete, Replace Request & Response Headers.

Modify Response

This Rule allows you to Mock the Response Body of the AJAX Request

Cross Device Testing

Check how your site looks on multiple devices, browsers, dimensions etc

Insert Custom Scripts

Allows you to automate, scrape & change webpage's behaviour with little knowledge of JS & CSS.

Modify Query Params

Insert, Modify or Delete query parameters for URLs (or matching pattern)

Delay Request Rule

Delay requests by specifying keywords or entire URL

Mock Server

Edit Content-Type, Status Code, and Body of the Response on our Server.

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