Intercept & modify API responses on the fly

Test edge cases in your app by simulating API responses

modify response editor

Works for APIs triggered by XHR/fetch

Using Requestly Modify Response rule, you can override the API responses triggered by XHR/fetch. No need to hardcode API responses in frontend code anymore.

 Test error paths in your code

Modify API responses to trigger different error paths in your codebase and test the flows without changing anything on backend. e.g. Simulate Payment Timeout Issue, Item out of stock Issue, etc.

1-Click Sharing

Use-Cases in teams are very similar so Requestly makes it easier to share the rules with each other and collaborate faster.

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Application and use cases

Here's how you can use Requestly's Modify Response feature in your daily workflow

Fixed Response

Allows you to intercept and replace the original server response with a predefined fixed JSON or string response

Dynamic response

Gives ability to modify the server response programmatically using JavaScript. Write custom JavaScript code that runs on the intercepted response and manipulate its content.

Fake status code

Enables you to change the HTTP status code of a server response. By modifying the status code, you can simulate different server responses without actually altering the content

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