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Access all the app Internals like API requests, analytics events, app logs directly on the device. Boost your testing & debugging speed now

No Proxy/SSL hassles

With Requestly, you never need to configure proxy and install SSL certificates on your device. Intercept & Modify all API requests & responses directly on the device.

One-Time setup

It takes less than 5-mins to setup Requestly SDK in your app and once configured everyone in your team can use it.

No impact on release builds

Our integration steps ensure that our SDK gets removed with the tree shaking step in the release build process. No impact on your release build whatsoever.

Safe, secure and open source

Requestly Android SDK is open-source on Github. We also commit to best development practices. Completely safe & secure to use.

Download device sessions

Easily Share browsing sessions with api logs, event logs and crash stack traces from the device with developers. Enables easy debugging for remote devices and device-specific issues

1-Click Bug Reporting (Coming Soon)

Create bug reports in project management tools like JIRA, Slack, Asana, etc with single click integration.

Setup Android SDK

Takes less than 5-mins to setup and saves hours of testing

What our customers say

4.7/5 Star ratings

950+ Chrome web store reviews


Happy Users

Afsheen Amroliwala

Software Development Engineer

With Requestly, we can quickly set up "Replace Rules for switching API & Javascript Hosts" and load selective (or all) APIs from the local environment directly on higher environments. This saved us a lot of hassle, time & effort in working across environments. It's a go-to tool every day for Devs & QAs now.

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Kushagra Gour

Frontend Lead at PushOwl

Requestly’s Script Modification Rule feels like magic. Me & my team actively use Requestly to test our local changes on the customers websites and ensure we deploy no-breaking changes in production.

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Nitish Mittal

Director of Engineering at Wingify

Requestly is one-stop solution for all our needs at Wingify. Collaboration feature works like a Charm. Our devs & QAs collaborate on Requestly Rules while debugging & testing campaigns.

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Piers Carrigan

QA Lead

Requestly is a game-changer for us. It started with one person and now the entire team uses Requestly to test our Staging code on production customers & non-customer sites. We more confidently ship product updates now.

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Michael Levinson

CPO & Co-Founder

Requestly not just made it easier for us to develop, test & debug our code on our customer sites but It also helps us do engaging product demos to our prospective clients.

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Param Aggarwal

Software Engineer at CureFit

It allows me to convert my Chrome browser into a supercharged development tool by creating advanced rules to modify the requests that the website is making. Very useful to quickly tweak API parameters and image resolutions without any code change!

Mukul Gupta

Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

I'd rate it as one of the best extensions around to boost developer productivity. Even if you're not a developer but need to navigate through loads of seemingly similar web pages, it is highly recommended with a very small learning curve.

Varun Jain

Co-Founder at SendX

Requestly just works :) We are one of the paid users. We have been using Requestly to debug SendX Javascript API on our client's websites and Requestly has saved ton of debugging time for us.

Robert Wharton

Senior Product Manager at Metrical

Requestly has been a lifesaver for testing our product on our customers websites. Everyone's stage sites are a hot mess of half finished dev projects, but Requestly allows us to mock up stage sites in seconds that better reflect the live sites!

Rafael Gibelli

Comra Rapido YC W'22

Requestly is a fantastic tool. It has made our team's life so much easier and more productive. Totally Recommend!

Kos Breton

Director (Management) at Coinbase

Thank you for making this great addon. I just checked out Requestly and indeed it is very easy to set up. It helps me customize my browsing experience entirely. Keep up the great work!

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Supercharge your web development, testing & debugging with Requestly

Web Debugger

Lightweight Web Debugging Proxy to Modify HTTPs Request & Response

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Mock Server

Generate custom API responses without actually having a pre-built API or a backend server

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Session Recording

Data rich bug reporting with Network logs, Console logs, Session Video & env details.

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