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Charles Proxy is a common HTTP traffic debugging tool, but it has limitations such as a steep learning curve, lack of collaboration features, VPN incompatibility, and the need to switch between browser & Charles. Requestly is a modern, user-friendly alternative that provides the power of Charles Proxy within the browser. It provides a browser extension and desktop application for debugging HTTP traffic on all platforms - Web browsers, Mobile browsers, Android & iOS apps. Requestly also provides an in-built mock server and session recording for recording & sharing http sessions with teammates for faster debugging.

Here are a few reasons why you should pick Requestly over Charles Proxy.

Zero VPN and Proxy Issues

Say goodbye to proxy and VPN issues with Requestly! While Charles Proxy and other proxy-based solutions modify your system's network configuration to intercept traffic, Requestly's Chrome/Firefox extension uses browser extension APIs to modify network traffic according to your rules. This means that no proxy is applied at the browser level, ensuring smooth and reliable performance.

Simple & Powerful UI (with all Traffic Modification Capabilities

Requestly brings the power of Charles proxy with improved user experience and collaboration features. You can use Requestly to modify any part of HTTPs request and response, including:

  • Redirecting URLs (Map Remote & Map Local feature)
  • Modifying HostName, QueryParams
  • Modifying HTTP Request & Response headers
  • Modifying API Response
  • Modifying API Request Body
  • Simulate Delays
  • Blocking Network Requests
  • Modifying DOM of a page by Injecting scripts

Effortlessly collaborate with your team members
Leave the solo debugging behind with Requestly's team workspaces! Collaborate with your teammates on Requestly rules to speed up debugging experience. Requestly also allows you to share rules on a one-time basis with your customers/clients, team members, or as a backup for yourself. Plus, Requestly's rules sync across devices so you can easily access all your rules from multiple machines.

Active Support 
At Requestly, we take pride in providing top-notch support to our users and helping them debug web applications faster. In fact, over 20% of our reviews mention our active support team! We are dedicated to ensuring your success and satisfaction.

No Performance Impact (Easy on your System)
Charles Proxy is resource-intensive, intercepting and proxying traffic from all applications, while Requestly is lightweight and doesn’t slow down your browsing experience. Our efficient implementation ensures that Requestly won't drain your system's energy and memory.

No Context Switching
Requestly's browser-based extension allows you to quickly toggle rules on and off and pause the tool when not needed, saving you the hassle of switching between applications. The extension's popup makes it easy to manage your debugging experience without disrupting your workflow.

Are you ready to try Requestly?
Here’s a quick demo video explaining different features of Requestly.

Requestly users tell a better story

Jared Smith

Jared Smith

Sr. Analytics Engineer at Zoro

Requestly is a must-have extension for anyone that works on front-end web. Requestly has totally replaced Charles Proxy, Fiddler, etc. for me due to the ease of use & better interface. 10/10 would recommend!

Fabio Krauss Stabel

Fabio Krauss Stabel

Product Manager at Cobiro

Great app! way better than setting up Charles proxy and creating a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Totally recommend it!

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