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Use DuckDuckGo Search in Chrome

Requestly Team

Often the Chrome browser on our computer is managed by our company and the default search engine cannot be changed. If you are conscious about your privacy and prefer a search engine that does not track you – then look no further than DuckDuckGo.

Using Requestly Chrome & Firefox extension, you can setup a simple rule such that any search query to Google is actually handled by DuckDuckGo in a privacy-first manner.

For this we will use the Redirect Request rule type in Requestly.

Redirect request rule

We setup a wildcard that will match any google search query and instead re-write it to DuckDuckGo!

Here’s how you can get the rule directly

  1. Install Requestly from Chrome Store
  2. Open
  3. Click on Import List button

Voila! Your Chrome Address Bar will use DuckDuckGo for any search queries.

Here’s a youtube video showing how you can render results using Google when Bing is your default search engine.

Similarly, many more rules can be configured easily in Requestly to enhance your web browsing experience. Requestly is used by more than 100K developers around the globe. Have any issues, feel free to contact us at


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