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May 28, 2023
Use Cases
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Requestly for Everyone!

Sachin Jain
Founder & CEO

Requestly’s prime focus is to simplify the daily workflow for users.

Discover how Requestly fits into your specific use case, whether you work in development, testing and QA, or Digital Marketing.

Frontend Development

  • Simulate Status Codes - Simulate fake 404, 500 response status codes and test your frontend app without changing anything in your codebase.
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  • Debug App in Production - Debug an application in production without setting up a local server.
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  • Mock GraphQL API response - Modify and provide custom data to your GraphQL requests. You neither change the request query nor the server schema.
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  • Inject/Insert Custom Scripts - Allows you to automate, scrape & change webpage's behaviour with little knowledge of JS & CSS.
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Software Quality Assurance

Get your apps production-ready faster and easier than ever!

  • Test Your Application in Different Network Conditions - Test your website performance in different network conditions and with different API latencies.
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  • Automate Testing via Selenium - The selenium package from Requestly offers us the ability to create network request specific rules.
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  • Simulate Status Codes - Simulate fake 404, 500 response status codes and test your frontend app without changing anything in your codebase.
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  • Modify Headers in UI Automation Testing- Requestly lets you modify headers in a testing environment. You can thus have control over your application as you can bypass authentication, set cookies, etc.
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Backend Development

Local development and testing is a time-consuming process for most of the backend developers. Using Requestly, you can instantly test any changes directly against the production environment without depending on the staging environment.

  • Faster and easier local development & testing - Leverage Requestly to reduce the development and testing time and test different corner cases.
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  • Debug Backend Microservices - Debugging applications in production is like being the detective in a crime movie. Especially with microservices.Trying to see what’s happening in production at scale is impossible without proper tools! To help you with this, you can now set up a proxy on your Terminal and debug backend requests with utmost ease.

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Digital Marketers

Debug the instrumentation of analytics events, triggering of the events and the properties sent along with the events without writing a single line of code.

  • Replace Production Script to Development Script - Digital marketing consultants often need to debug the instrumentation of analytics events, triggering the events and the properties sent along with the events.
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  • Debug Analytics tools - Log useful information from your GA into your browser console and debug from there itself.
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  • B2B Sales tools - Build engaging product demos by showing your product on your customer’s website!
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Requestly is an Open-Source frontend development platform with essential tooling & integrations that helps frontend developers write, test & debug their code 10x faster. Using Requestly, you can create mock API endpoints, test, validate & override API responses, modify request & response headers, setup redirects (Map local, Map remote) and use Requestly sessions for faster debugging.

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