Share Rules with other users

Requestly provides a lot of functionalities to enhance the way you surf the web. Be it designers, marketers, developers everyone has it’s own way to use Requestly. Such a wide spectrum is covered by the set of features provided in requestly. At some point, you want to share rules with other users for some demonstration or for achieving exact same use case or similar one. We have found various instances on Social Media where people are trying to Share Requestly Rules with other users. In this article, we will explain how you can share a list of rules with other users efficiently.

Share Rules

This is one of the most used features in Requestly and a nice way to share rules with other users. Follow these steps :-

  1. Select the list of rules you want to share.
  2. Click on Share Icon on the top toolbar
  3. If you are not already logged in, you will get a Login With Google dialog. Perform the operation
  4. Once your rules are shared, a sharedList will be created and you will see a Success Dialog like this –
  5. Enter a meaningful name for your sharedList and Click on Copy & Close button.
  6. SharedList Url will be copied and you can give the sharedList url to other user via chat, email, text or whatever option you like.
  7. You can manage your SharedList from Shared List option on side rail under Services tab.

Import a Shared List

  1. Click on the Shared List Link given to you. It looks something like this –
  2. Click on any rule to view the definition of the rule
  3. Click on Import List button to download the rules on your machine.


Q: Can I update rules in my Shared List ?

No. Once rules are shared, they can not be modified. However, a user can import the rules in Shared List, Modify them and create a new shared list.

Q: Can I share my list privately with other users ?

When Rules are shared, you get a Public Url. Any Requestly user having the Url can view the Shared List. It’s upto you to maintain the privacy of the generated url.

Q: How many Shared Lists I can create ?

A user is allowed 10 Shared Lists at the moment. We will increase the limit depending upon usage and infrastructure needs.

Q: How can I delete a shared list ?

You can manage sharedLists by clicking on SharedLists options in side rail.

Q: What will happen if I import my own shared list ?

All the rules present in shared list will override rules which were shared. All other rules will remain unaffected.

Q: I want to reach out to you for more questions ?

Please feel free to open Github Issue. You can also reach out to me requestly [dot] extension [at] gmail [dot] com.