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Requestly Turns 5 today!

Requestly Team

It’s been five years since Requestly was launched first in 2014 and we are proud to say that Requestly has grown leaps and bounds in these last five years. As our company has grown, Requestly has attracted web developers from across with globe, solved their use cases and added many more features. We are so grateful to the feedback from our users which helps us move in the right direction.

Here’s a brief lookback on our 5 year journey (A detailed journey here)

  • June 2014 – Released on Chrome
  • January 2015 – 500 Users
  • January 2016 – 5K Users
  • August 2016 – Released on Firefox
  • January 2017 – 20K Users
  • January 2018 – 50K Users
  • January 2019 – 80K Users
  • April 2019 – Released Premium Plans
  • Current date – 100K+ Users

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Feel free to reach out to for any questions! We respond to each and every query we receive.


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