June 30, 2023
Use Cases
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Akanksha Bhadauria
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Requestly is a powerful web testing and debugging proxy that provides you with enormous debugging capabilities. Requestly has multiple features to offer which can be overwhelming to start with.

We understand this and have got you covered. In this section, you will find out what are some of the most popular problems and use cases where Requestly has come to the rescue. You can use this section to explore, relate and dive deeper into how Developers and QAs use Requestly to solve their problems.

Redirect Requests - Redirect a request URL (or matching pattern) to another URL.

Modify Request and Response Headers - Add, Delete, Override Request & Response Headers. Can be used to remove X-Frame-Options, Content-Security-Policy, CORS Issues, etc.

Modify Responses - Test edge cases in your app by simulating API responses

Insert Custom Scripts - Allows you to automate, scrape & change webpage's behaviour with little knowledge of JS & CSS.

Use Requestly with Selenium - Selenium is widely used as a test automation framework for end-to-end testing of web applications. However, it can't intercept and modify network requests. But now you can simulate network conditions, modify headers, redirect network requests - all these and much more with the help of our Selenium package.

Mock Server - Edit Content-Type, Status Code, and Body of the Response on our Server. Edit and Delete Mock API Responses without building an API. Add/Remove Headers as well

Delay network Requests - Delay requests by specifying keywords or entire URL

Modify Query Params - Insert, Modify or Delete query parameters for URLs (or matching pattern)

If you have specific problems and looking to know how you can use Requestly, you can schedule a demo from here and we’ll love to help you out!

Requestly is an Open-Source frontend development platform with essential tooling & integrations that helps frontend developers write, test & debug their code 10x faster. Using Requestly, you can create mock API endpoints, test, validate & override API responses, modify request & response headers, setup redirects (Map local, Map remote) and use Requestly sessions for faster debugging.


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