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Requestly 2018 achievements and upcoming plans

Requestly Team

First of all, Wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year’2019. In this article, we are gonna share a brief journey of when Requestly started and how 2018 performed for us along with some upcoming plans.

Requestly started as a side-project in March 2014 and we released first official version on chrome store in June 2014 with only couple of rules – Redirect & Cancel rule. With a great organic growth, it has been an incredible journey so far. 2018 has been a special year with lot of achievements, new features and good strong numbers in terms of revenue. Here is a short summary of growth in terms of number of users –

  1. January 2015 – 500 users
  2. January 2016 – 5000 users
  3. January 2017 – 22000 users
  4. January 2018 – 40000 users
  5. January 2019 – ~90000 users (85K Chrome and 5K Firefox users)
Requestly in Chrome Web Store

2018 has been a special year for Requestly because we improved on a lot of fronts – be it development, marketing, users acquisition, users engagement, ad revenue etc.

Here are the major highlights of 2018 from all fronts –

  1. Released Query Params Rule (2541 query params rule created in 2018. Check the stats on Google Analytics here)
  2. Released Grouping functionality for logical grouping of rules – One of the most demanded features (1040 groups created post release in Sep.)
  3. Explored a lot of tools for improving support system and Started Using Customerly. (Solved 153 Tickets in last quarter – Probably one of the reasons of users mentioning “Good Support” in chrome store reviews. (Kudos to customerly too for building an awesome product)
  4. Integrated Script Rule and Library which allows users users to pick any script directly from Script Rule
  5. Improved Requestly UI by upgrading MDB v3 to v4. (This was a huge effort and team did it gracefully)
  6. Migrated existing Jekyll blog to awesome wordpress blog ( is now wordpress based)
  7. Our Ad revenue started making 180-200$ per month consistently.
Cory LaPlante review
Pierre Castel review

BTW we also have an official releases page – which contains some of the above milestones.

So after closing a strong 2018, here are couple of our upcoming challenges and milestones

  1. Roll our premium subscription with awesome features in the paid plans (More details coming soon)
  2. Awesome features in roadmap like – Simplifying Sharing Rules workflow, Sample Rules, Public Rules Repository, Predefined functions etc.

That’s it in this post. Should you want to reach out to us, feel free to contact us at and we like “Hello” from folks in our inbox.

 Cheeeeeeers to awesome’18 and upcoming’19.


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