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May 28, 2023
Use Cases
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Prevent Marketers from Tracking you using Requestly

Shrey Gupta

When marketers share a link, they usually add something called UTM parameters to the link that you click. These are generally the parameters like utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign! You must have seen these often in links that you find on social media.

With these query parameters marketers are able to track the source of the traffic and hence build an understanding of which sources perform well.

If you would prefer to not be tracked, don’t worry! Requestly has an easy interface that will allow you to quickly configure a rule that will strip all URLs with these parameters. It looks like this:

That is how easy it is to use Requestly. Install it now from the Chrome Web Store.

Requestly is an Open-Source frontend development platform with essential tooling & integrations that helps frontend developers write, test & debug their code 10x faster. Using Requestly, you can create mock API endpoints, test, validate & override API responses, modify request & response headers, setup redirects (Map local, Map remote) and use Requestly sessions for faster debugging.

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