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Phabricator Productivity Tips

Akanksha Bhadauria

In this article, we will share tips to boost your productivity with Phabricator tool. Phabricator helps you collaborate with your team members on tasks/issues, code reviews, discussions etc. It is one of the rich applications in market used by world wide enterprises.

Phabricator uses the following convention/URL pattern to open task, diff or paste.

 Task –<Task_Number>
 Diff –<DiffNumber>
Paste –**P<PasteNumber>**

Using, Requestly you can setup quick actions/shortcuts to open Tasks, Diffs and Pastes in phabricator when you search T<Task_Number> in your chrome/Firefox address bar. Here’s how to do it –

Redirect request rule


  1. Use Regex match to identify the Task/Diff/Paste number from Google Search Query
  2. Redirect to corresponding Phabricator URL using Redirect Rule
  3. Here is the exact definition for Task (If you prefer to copy paste)

Request Url -> Matches (Regex) -> /search\?q=T([0-9]+)/ig

You can do the same for Diff and Paste.

How to get/import above rule?

  1. Install Requestly if you have not done already.
  2. Open (We have already created the rule so you can get the rule with single click)
  3. Click on Import List button

PS: This article is motivated by Superuser post –

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