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Moonshot Hackathon to unlock Web developers productivity

Requestly Team

Requestly in collaboration with Roc8 hosted Moonshot, a hackathon with the goal to attract, support, and, provide an opportunity to developers from all-tier college grads across India with a chance to showcase their work.

The theme of the hackathon: Web Development Tooling

Moonshot is a free online hackathon where people can participate solo or in a team of max 2 people.Prizes for the winners and finalists include: Cash prizes worth Rs. 20,000 for the winners, career opportunities at Requestly and a wild card to the roc8 community to all the finalists.

Team formation and Ideation Workshop

This is a pre-hackathon event held to help the participants who:

  • Have an idea, need help with the team,
  • Have a team member, need help with idea,
  • Need help with idea and a team member.

The workshop began with 70 people who came up with 40 raw ideas, a few of which we discussed, validated as needed, and, went ahead with the team formation exercise. By the end of the event everyone had an idea to work on and a teammate to work with, if wanted to work as a team.

Kick-off and Q&A

Friday night Kick off event to make all the participants familiar with the schedule and deadlines, to clear all the questions participants have regarding the hackathon, and, officially start building.Started the hackathon with a turn around of 60+ participants!

Interviews with judges

With an objective to get the deep insights on web development, tips for career growth in this field, and, more, the interviews are hosted as part of the Hackathon followed by Q&A with the audience.Here is the list of questions we got the valuable insights through.

Interview with Kushagra Gour, frontend lead @pushowl, founder of @css_battle.

Interview with Ben Wilson, Sr SDE at Workday, Victoria, Canada.

Project Submission and Finalists announcement

Upon submission of the project through the project submission form, the finalists are filtered on the basis of below mentioned criteria.

Evaluation criteria used to finalist the project and there after winners is: Idea: Time saved for developers (frequency of task x time saved per task) - 0 to 10 Execution: How close is it to shipping to production? 0 to 10 Demo: Crispness of presentation + Q&A - 0 to 10Total of 25 project submissions are received. 11 are chosen as finalists of which 3 are winners. (The complete list of finalists and winners along with their project demos are provided below).

Finalists announcement: The announcement is made through twitter spaces 3 hrs prior to the demo day event.

Demo day

D-day event is our favourite where the finalists pitch their ideas and products they built during the hackathon to the judges after which the judges announced the winners.Here is the video of the Demo Day event happened at 8 PM, 30th October. All the details of the projects of the finalists and winners are right below the video, if you’re interested to explore further.

Projects of Finalists and Winners in crisp:


List of projects which made into finals:


With this Hackathon, Our core goal was to achieve  attract, support, and, provide an opportunity to the young talent. We wanted to introduce a way of adding value to one’s profile that has a potential to open new paths in their career - Proof of work. We challenged developers on socials to participate in the hackathon to create a proof of their work ideated, built, and, launched over a weekend of time. Around 25% of the participants shared that this is their 1st ever participating in a hackathon and that is a win for us as they are going to see the opportunities in a different angle and are 1 step ahead of their competition in careers.

About Requestly, the sponsor:

Requestly is a lightweight proxy available as a browser extension & desktop app to intercept & modify network requests. We bundle powerful tools to do a lot more with network requests than ever, such as Mocking API Responses, Modifying Headers, Redirecting URL, Delay/Throttle requests, and much more.

About Roc8, the organizer:

Roc8 is a team of developers who believe proof of work is the most equitable and accessible metric to hire developers and are working their way up with a vision of changing the tech hiring system in India with the same.


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