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This is Sachin – Founder & CEO, Requestly. In this newsletter, I bring the latest Requestly developments in the month of Oct’22. If you are from a SaaS Company and your Javascript tag is installed on external websites, you might want to test your changes directly on the live customer website but if your customers have content-security-policy enabled then browser won’t load your tag. But here’s a good news you can use Requestly to bypass content-security-policy.

Here’s a quick tutorial to understand content-security-policy and how you can bypass it using Requestly Modify Headers Rule 🔥

Loading local JS files in live/production sites (Map Local) ⚡️

We recently published an article(& a youtube video) that helps you learn how you can load your local javascript files in live/production sites.

This technique is very helpful for web developers to:

  • Test local changes directly in production env and saves deployment time
  • Debug issues directly on production env (No need to setup the entire thing & reproduce issues)

Have a quick look at the video and Unlock your productivity:

Free & Open-Source debugger for Android debug builds 🚀

We completed development & testing for our Android debugger. Requestly Android debugger provides Chrome-like developer tool for Android debug builds.

  • Network Inspector (All APIs, requests, responses, etc)
  • Analytics Events Inspector (Debug analytics events directly on Android device)
  • Host Switcher (Connect your Android app to dev/staging/prod environment)
  • Logs Viewer (View all the logs)

Get complete visibility of what’s happening in the app and improve the quality of the software you ship. Again, It is completely free & open-source.

Android Debugger

 Check out on Github 👾

Customer of the Month 🤝🏻

15Gifts integrates recommendation technology into third party sites through their JS tag that helps customers find their ideal product quickly.

  • 15gifts frontend & QA team migrated from Charles Proxy to Requestly after finding out how easy it is to test JS tags on external websites using Requestly.
  • 15gifts uses Requestly Insert Script feature to easily run their code on a client’s website to test an early cart integration which helps them in exploring and solving any potential issues upfront thereby saving cost of communication/reporting by the customer.
  • 15gifts uses SharedList feature to share the rules that work and saves the hassle of other people having to set up their own rules or debug someone else’s configuration.

Read the complete story here

Requestly got an upgrade on Firefox

After a couple of years and feature requests from our users, we updated our Firefox add-on to the latest version. Now you can also use Requestly on Firefox with all the features that it offers in Chrome & Edge.  To use Requestly on Safari, you can use our desktop app.

Review of the month❤

Requestly is close to completing 1000 reviews on Chrome Store. We got a very sweet review recently on chrome store, thought to share it with you all.

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Sagar Soni

Sagar Soni

Sagar, the co-founder and CTO of Requestly, has been pivotal in shaping the company's vision and product trajectory. With over a decade of professional experience, he has been affiliated with renowned companies like Google, Adobe, and Grofers.

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