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ModHeader - as the name suggests - is a dev tool to help you modify request and response headers. Evolving from its initial version, it also supports URL redirects, exclusion of certain URLs, tab locking, and such.

What if you could enhance your experience with modifying headers? While using ModHeader, you can make a rule, give a header name and value and see the difference.

Using Requestly, you can not only modify headers but also test the rule in the same place. Moreover, we support various options to help you test your application in the most effective way possible.

To test a rule click on 'Test this Rule', enter the URL you want to test and click on'Test rule' button.

See how Modify Headers Rule lets your pick your preference when performing the task:

Choose to Add/Remove/Modify the header you want.

Apply it to a URL/Host/Path.

And have the options of using a RegEx/Wildcard.

Now that you've seen the power of modifying headers using Requestly, here's what more you can do with this one extension:

  • Replace a string in your URL

  • Add/remove query parameters

  • Insert scripts

  • Test your application in different network conditions

  • Mock API responses

  • Collaborate with your team

Requestly is a lightweight proxy available as a browser extension and desktop app that is used to modify network requests.

What started as a side project is now used by over 150K+ users.

We understand that Developer productivity matters, so we have built features that help you get things done as quickly as possible!

Execution Logs - Keep track of the requests being sent along with timestamps, request-type, and method.

Never lose a rule - All the rules you delete get stored in the trash for some time so that you can restore them!

Try out SaaS apps in less than 30 seconds - See how an external tool works and looks on your application without writing any code. See how here: Try out SaaS apps in less than 30 seconds

Templates - A collection of rules that we made and think would help the community!

Does that interest you? Download Requestly to experience it yourself!

Oh and we also got accepted into Y Combinator for the W22 batch, read more here: YC announcement

We're constantly working to provide the best of features to our users, to know more about our latest updates - Connect with us here: Twitter and Linkedin.

Thank you for reading!

By Neha Badiani.

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