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Invite your colleagues on Requestly and Get Requestly Premium for Free

What better way to test and debug your application than to do it with a colleague.
We have now added a referral feature to Requestly so that everyone can have the best tools to test their code and ship as soon as possible.

To enjoy the benefits, go to the “Invite your friend” section on the side rail to access the referral page. Share the referral URL with your friend and if they sign up using that link, both of you can use requestly premium*

Requestly referral

If the new user signs up with a different company email domain as youIf the new user signs up with the same business domain as you
You both get 30 days of Requestly premiumBoth get 60 days of Requestly premium

So why wait? Tell your colleagues about Requestly today 🙂


  1. Will I get benefits if I am already a premium user?
    Ans: Already Premium users are not entitled to get Referral benefits. However the new user will get the benefit.
  2. Is there a limit to how many people I can send the referral code to?
    Ans: Currently there is a limit of 10 but if you like our product, we would be honored if you could help spread the word.
  3. Will I still get premium if I am using a personal email but the new user signs up with a business email?
    Ans: Yes, you will still be awarded premium although we recommend shifting to a business account for the future as then there will be more benefits coming your way.
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