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Introducing Modify AJAX Response Rule

Requestly Team

We have always thought of building Requestly as a complete web debugging toolkit that enables, the developers, to easily modify the network requests. As the complexity of web applications started increasing, many developers suggested us to add an ability to modify the response as well. Today, we are excited to announce such a feature, Modify Response Rule.

With Modify Response Rule, you'll now be able to modify the response body of AJAX requests.

Similar to other Rules, this Rule will also allow you to specify advanced filters including the regular expressions.

An update to our browser extension has been rolled out and all you have to do is just make sure that your extension version matches the latest.

 If you want to use your modify response rules for network traffic in Android apps, use our Android Debugger


Example Use Cases

  • Test AJAX response without actually modifying backend
  • Mock fluctuating AJAX responses
  • Mock AJAX response to focus on front-end development even if back-end is not available.


Using Modify Response Rule

Let's consider we have a web app that requests some external resource using AJAX and processes the response to generate views.

Daily sales data

Using DevTools, we can find the data source.
In our example, it is:

Let's create a Rule to modify the response of AJAX request to this data source.

Navigate to your Requestly Dashboard and select New Rule > Modify AJAX Response

Enter the Source URL (data source) and the response body we expect. You can also use JavaScript function to customize the response.

Creating a Modify response rule

Save the Rule and reload the web app. Now our web app will receive the modified response to the AJAX request.

Modified response data

That's it. You can also check the modified response in the DevTools.

It is worth noting that Modify Response Rule does not have support for the fetch()API yet.


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