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Install Requestly in Chrome and Firefox

Requestly Team

Install Requestly in Chrome and Firefox

This post covers installation guide for installing Requestly in Chrome and Firefox.


Go to Requestly Chrome Store Page and click on Add to Chrome button. Yes That’s all you need.

Add to Chrome from Chrome Web Store


 Note: You must use Firefox (with version 49 or greater) to complete following steps.

If you are using Firefox with version greater than 49, click here to start the installation. Next, Firefox asks your permission to download the extension. Click on Continue to Installation button as selected below.

continue to installation

Once that is done, it will download the extension and ask your permission to install the extension. Click on Add button to install.

Add extension

Yep That’s it.!


Now you can setup your rules to modify network requests, inject custom scripts/stylesheets on web pages and what not! As we say – Simplicity is our first motto and we want you to experience the power of simplicity using this beautiful extension to your browsers.


 Surf the web the way you want & debug your web apps in an easier way.


Hope you now have Requestly all setup!


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