June 30, 2023
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February 2023 Product Updates

Sachin Jain
Founder & CEO
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Hey Requestlians 👋🏼

This is Sachin, Founder & CEO of Requestly, and I’m here to share some of the exciting updates we made at Requestly in the month of February. February, although the shortest month of the year, was a busy one for us as we were working on quite a lot of important product updates.

We are open-source now 💥

In the mid of January, we announced that we were going open-source, and I’m excited to let you know that we are now live as an open-source on GitHub. This is a major milestone for us, and we believe this will help us empower the developer community to contribute towards the growth and success of the project. We are thrilled to see what the future holds for Requestly and excited to work with the community to improve it.

New and Better Help Guides

With Requestly being used by more than 175,000 users now, we felt the help documents needed a complete revamp. We have migrated our site from GitBook to Docusaurus - an open-source tool that gave us more options to customize our site. We added more topics and classified the guides based on browsers and apps. Check out our new help guides here.

Improved Team Workspace UI

We introduced Team Workspace for active collaboration within the team a while back, and we keep improving based on the user feedback we received. With this new update, you can invite your teammates and access Workspace settings easily.

GraphQL support is coming up.

Graphql has completely changed the way APIs are used to fetch data. The simplicity and entity-based architecture ensure support for complex querying. We are working on a new UI to provide an option where you will be able to modify the API response for the GraphQL API resource type.

You can expect this update in a couple of days from now.

Async support in the Request/Response rule (Desktop app)

Async modifications let you perform some long-running tasks before returning the response. You can learn about async await from here. This can be helpful in the following scenarios:

  • Changing response based on the response from some other URL.
  • Respond to the request with the response from another website.
  • Adding delays in Response (This is also possible using Requestly Delay Rule).

Customer of the month

StadiaMaps is creating a privacy-first and advanced mapping solution for businesses and individuals. Their primary focus is to develop a cutting-edge mapping experience that is private, performant, and affordable.

StadiaMaps use Requestly’s Replace rule to swap the maps on their prospects’ website with their maps. It helps them take a personalized approach during their sales outreach.

Review of the month ❤️

Since its inception, Requestly has been showered with lots of love from our users, which led to us being where we are today. I’m sharing one such review we got from our user, Samroon Michael, who shared his thoughts on using Requestly:

Until next time, happy debugging!

Requestly is an Open-Source frontend development platform with essential tooling & integrations that helps frontend developers write, test & debug their code 10x faster. Using Requestly, you can create mock API endpoints, test, validate & override API responses, modify request & response headers, setup redirects (Map local, Map remote) and use Requestly sessions for faster debugging.


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