Browse Quora Without Logging In using Requestly

In this post, we’ll show how you can use Requestly to read Quora posts without signing in.

  1. Go to and click on “Install Extension”.
  2. Open this link – Browse Quora Anonymously – and click on “Import List” at the top right side.
  3. Visit the “Rules” section from the left side and you’ll see that a new rule named “Browse Quora Anonymously” has been added to your dashboard. Simply click on the status toggle to turn it active.

And you’re done! Now you can browse Quora without signing in.

If you’d like to set such a rule by yourself, here are the detailed steps:

  1. Go to and click on “Install Extension”.
  2. Click on the extension icon and then “Open App”. You can also visit the Rules page directly.
  3. Click on “New Rule” from the top bar.
  4. Select the “Modify Query Parameters” option.
  5. By default, the rule is applied to all URLs. Type “” into the textbox to restrict it to the Quora website only.
  6. Under the “Modifications” section, set Param Name to “share” and Param Value to “1”.
  7. Give the Rule a name at the top and click on “Save” at the top right.

Here’s a video walkthrough:

Facing any issues? Drop us a note at `[email protected]` and we’d love to help you out.

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