Introducing Premium Plans & Free Plan Limits

Requestly was started as a hobby project in 2014 and has transformed into a mature product since then. We are so grateful to our users, supporters and critics. Because of everyone’s collaboration, we have reached so far having ~100K users today as of 18 Feb, 2019.

For the past few years, we’ve run Requestly as our free SaaS offering – featuring unlimited rules and files, access to key features, like SharedList, File Library, and Different rule types. We’re committed to providing an integrated solution that supports easy debugging, testing your web apps, APIs and achieving numerous use cases using Requestly.

So what’s changing? Over time, the usage of Requestly has grown significantly to the point where we now have over 100K+ users and are seeing an increase in our hosting cost, maintenance cost and also our development cost. Last year, founder left his full time job to give more time to Requestly to provide better support and add more features to cater user requirements.

While we’re excited by the exponential growth of Requestly, we also want to ensure that we can maintain our commitment to offer a free plan with certain restrictions that still allow you to use Requestly for basic use cases. To keep this commitment and to offer users who have more specialized needs, we’re introducing premium plans.

Here are the some highlights for our premium plans

  • We are going to launch Bronze (Free), Silver and Gold Plan.
  • Premium Plans will be effective from 30 March, 2019. Before that everything we release will be Free as usual.
  • Silver Plan will have increased limits while Gold Plan will have additional premium features too.

Pricing Model (Effective from 30 March, 2019)

Premium Features

Every month, without fail, we ship more improvements to Requestly. As always, everyone will be able to access Requestly Bronze Plan for free. Certain new features will be made available to all of the plans, whilst premium features will only be made available to the Silver and Gold plans only. Here is a glimpse of a couple of premium features which will be rolled out soon.

Logs Feature

Logs feature is one of the most demanded features which gives insights into which rules are applied on which requests on a page/tab. This is extremely helpful for the users in their testing environments and helps identify if correct rules are being applied on the page.

  • When rules are applied on a page, the requestly icon will turn from blue to green indicating Requestly changed something on this page.
  • Logs Feature will provide exact information about which rules are applied on which requests in the page.

Import & Export Rules

Using Import & Export feature, the user can download the list of rules and can consider it as the backup. The user can also share the .txt file with other team members to pass on the rules to him. Also, the user has a choice to download all or selected list of rules.

Favorite Rules

Update (25 March 2019) – Now Available in Bronze, Silver Plan with Limits

A user can mark some rules as favorite and these rules will be available in a popup. The user can quickly enable, disable & edit these rules. This is extremely useful during testing.


We are gonna launch above mentioned premium features very soon. Plans will be ready to purchase from mid-March 2019. Pricing Model will be effective from 30 March 2019.

Update – 25 March 2019

After a good number of user feedback over the pricing model changes and the features covered in different plans, we have made some modifications in the original plan.

  1. A few Europe-based users reached out to add support for Euro currency So we have added the option to choose currency. We now support (EURO, USD and INR) currency in the platform. We will add more in the coming future. Indian Users can only pay in INR but this is not applicable to anyone outside India.
  2. A good number of users asked for semi-annual plan as well. It would help them to get reimbursement from their corporates So we will be going forward with Semi-Annual and Annual plans only.
  3. We have made Favourite Rule feature available in all plans with limits applicable in Bronze and Silver plan.


Will my usage be affected if I have reached Bronze (Free) plan limits?

Yes, if you have reached free plan limits, you can continue using the product in read-only mode. So you need to upgrade to enhance your limits. Please note that limits will be applicable only after 30 March 2019 so you can continue using the product for free and nothing changes till then.

Will there be any annual plan available at discounted price?

Yes, Annual plan is at discounted price than other plans.


Feel free to reach out to us on [email protected] if you have any questions.