Story of 16-year old getting 35K subscriptions on youtube using Requestly

A good, positive, constructive feedback is the most encouraging thing for any product. In this article, we want to share a story of 16-year old who used Requestly to fix some software and he got 35K subscriptions on his youtube channel.

At requestly, we keep simplicity the top-most priority. When we get such feedback, it is really encouraging. It is wonderful that Requestly can be used by a 16-year old and we could help someone to make his work easier.

Here are the exact words from him:

The year was 2016; and I had just bought a Flash based animation software online. The product I bought did not meet my standards, and I was quite disappointed. My goal was to create animations on it for YouTube, but with the way things were looking, it did not seem like that was going to happen. I looked around online to see if there were any fixes for the issues I was having, and I found nothing. Then I messaged my friend to see if he had a fix for my issue. He did, and it was a Chrome extension called Requestly. Using Requestly greatly enhanced and fixed the software that I was previously disappointed with. With Requestly being completely free and relatively simple to use, there was no stress or hassle involved in setting anything up. Fast forward two years, and I have over 35,000 subscribers on YouTube. That would be all thanks to Requestly. Without it, my channel would not be nearly as popular as it is. I owe a huge thanks to Requestly.

– Brent Holze, age 16.

Here is a screenshot from Chrome Store

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Requestly Team