Get old good reddit back!

Recently, Reddit has changed its user interface. The new change is not well taken by many redditors and they still prefer the old reddit look over the new one. Using simple requestly replace rule, you can redirect the new reddit look to the older one.

Here is what you have to do :-

  1. Install Requestly Browser Extension (Requestly is available in Chrome and Firefox)
  2. Click on Add Rule (+) Icon
  3. Select Replace Rule
    • Enter Name and Description
    • Replace with
  4. Click on Save and you are done!

Here is a screenshot of Replace Rule you need to setup

Open reddit site and you should get the old reddit interface.

Disclaimer: The above mentioned approach can work for the time till is available.Once reddit decides to take away old interface available on, above approach won’t work.

Feel free to try this out and let us know if you face any issues. Contact us at requestly dot extension @gmail dot com for any issues.