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Build, Test & Debug your web apps faster by Intercepting & Modifying Network Traffic, Session Replays, Mock Server & API Client.

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Debug issues faster

Session Replay

Replay user interactions stitched together with network data, console logs, stack traces, and device information.

One-click Installation

Just install the extension and you can record any website instantly.

auto capture browsing sessions

Automatically Capture Sessions

Requestly automatically records the video of your browsing session on the domains you configured.

network logs

Record User Activity with Network & Console logs

Requestly Sessions gives more clarity on  bugs by capturing network & console logs and stitching them together with user activity

automatic recording

Save Online or Download Recording

After capturing the session, you can share the session replay with your team. You can choose the details to be shared and the mode of sharing.

Test your web apps faster

HTTP Rules - Intercept & Modify HTTP Requests

Modify API Responses, Modify Headers, Redirect URLs, Switch Hosts, Mock API Response, Delay Network requests, and much more.

modify response editor

Modify API Response

Develop frontend without ready a backend or Modify existing API responses on production environment

modify headers editor

Modify HTTP Headers

Add, Delete or Override Request & Response Headers

redirect request editor

Redirect API and script requests

Redirect APIs/Scripts from one environment to another (e.g. Prod to Staging)

insert script editor

Insert Custom Scripts

Inject custom scripts/styles on external webpages for testing/demo purposes.

Develop, Test and Mock APIs instantly

Simple and secure web-based API Client

A comprehensive and web-based tool for modifying and testing APIs.

network inspector

Import cURL Requests

Import your cURL requests easily from other API platforms

host switcher

Send API Requests And Test Responses

You can customize request headers, query parameters, and request body payloads to test different scenarios.

analytics inspector

History of API requests

Find the History of API Requests you made to debug them easily.

analytics inspector

Create Mock API in seconds

Quickly create mock API endpoints for testing without creating an actual API.

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Atul Lal

Atul Lal

Full-Stack Developer

Using the Requestly session record feature, I just ask the user to record the session and share with me. And I can replicate the same issue on MY SYSTEM and start debugging. Gone are the days of struggling to figure things out on someone else's system or during a Google Meet session.

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Andres Velasco

Andres Velasco

Tech Lead at Making Science

Requestly has changed how we work for the better. By employing it to rigorously test our staging code on external websites, we've experienced a turbo-boost in our testing speed. We don't just perform tasks - we excel at them.

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Kos Breton

Kos Breton

Director (Management) at Coinbase

Thank you for making this great addon. I just checked out Requestly and indeed it is very easy to set up. It helps me customize my browsing experience entirely. Keep up the great work!

Carl Hand

Carl Hand

Senior Software Engineer at Workday

Requestly is awesome. I used to use Charles proxy in my day to day work but it always messed with my wifi. I haven't had any issues with Requestly. Requestly's UI is amazing too and great to work in

Robert Wharton

Robert Wharton

Senior Product Manager at Metrical

Requestly has been a lifesaver for testing our product on our customers websites. Everyone's stage sites are a hot mess of half finished dev projects, but Requestly allows us to mock up stage sites in seconds that better reflect the live sites!

Michael Levinson

Michael Levinson

CPO & Co-Founder

Requestly not just made it easier for us to develop, test & debug our code on our customer sites but It also helps us do engaging product demos to our prospective clients.

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell

QA Engineer at Clayton Homes

I'm a big fan of Requestly, and use it on a daily basis as a QA Engineer. It removes the need to use Charles pretty often, which is always nice. Not that Charles wouldn't do the job, it's just super convenient to not need to open a separate application to do the same things -- instead I can just use Requestly directly in Chrome

Piers Carrigan

Piers Carrigan

QA Lead

Requestly is a game-changer for us. It started with one person and now the entire team uses Requestly to test our Staging code on production customers & non-customer sites. We more confidently ship product updates now.

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