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Modify Headers, Redirect URLs, Switch Hosts, Mock API Response, Delay Network requests, Insert Custom Scripts and much more.

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What is Requestly?

Requestly is a lightweight proxy available as a browser extension & desktop app to intercept & modify network requests. Using Requestly you can Modify Headers, Redirect Url, Mock API response, Delay/Throttle requests, etc. Developers can collaborate by sharing rules with each other.

Modify Headers

Add, Delete or Replace request & response headers. Can be used to test X-Frame-Options, Content-Security-Policy, Add authorization headers, debug CORS etc.Read More

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Modify Headers

Redirect URL

Redirect requests matching a URL pattern to different destination URL. Can be used to load unminified scripts, test different library versions, load local version of script in production env etc.Read More

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Redirect URL

Insert Custom Scripts

Allows you to automate, scrape & change webpage's behaviour with little knowledge of JS & CSS. Use File Hosting service to upload long scripts and get a URL to be used in your websites or Requestly rules.Read More

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Insert Custom Scripts

Mock API Response

Return custom (mocked) response for your API requests. Can be used to test API changes, newer API version in your app.Read More

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Mock API Response

Additional Features

Multiple Rule Types

Requestly supports multiple rule types to cater your need of modifying network request, including Redirection, User Agent Modification, Script Insertion, Resource Blocker, Header Modification etc.

Regex & Wildcart Support

Requestly has rich interface to provide url matching conditions. Multiple Operators are supported - Equals, Contains, Regex (Matches) and Regex with wildcard too.


Requestly provides single click activation and deactivation of entire extension, individual rule groups or rules. Mark the rule as inactive when you don't need it for sometime.

Easy Collaboration

Users can easily collaborate with other users by sharing rules between them and improve the way they work together.

Files Library

Requestly allows uploading, creating and managing js, css, json etc files which can be used in Requestly rules. No need to setup local server now.

Data Backup

Requestly allows you to take backup of your data either by downloading rules as text file or generating a link.

Wall of Love

We are proud of 125K+ happy users. Hear what they say about us.

A while ago I posted this for changing resource URLs for local debugging: Since then I've switched to using @requestly_ext instead for Chrome: easy on/off toggling and I can use it to debug with the local version of my libraries on remote websites too!

Lea Verou
W3C member, Author CSS Secrets

Requestly just works :) We are one of the paid users. We have been using Requestly to debug SendX Javascript API on our client's websites and Requestly has saved ton of debugging time for us.

Varun Jain
Co-Founder @ SendX

I'd rate it as one of the best extensions around to boost developer productivity. Even if you're not a developer but need to navigate through loads of seemingly similar web pages, it is highly recommended with a very small learning curve.

Mukul Gupta
Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

A really good app for web developers. I'm going to make it a must-use app among my reportees.

Kunal Chitkara
Engineering Manager @ RoadZen

This extension has made my developer life much simpler. I recommend it to all my colleagues. Thank you

Shagun Sodhani
Researcher at Facebook AI

Thank you for making this great addon. I just checked out Requestly and indeed it is very easy to set up. It helps me customize my browsing experience entirely. Keep up the great work!

Kos Breton
Director (Management) at Coinbase

This is a killer extension. So many good use cases. We use it often.

Ben Munk
Founder, Product Manager at Sifta

It allows me to convert my Chrome browser into a supercharged development tool by creating advanced rules to modify the requests that the website is making. Very useful to quickly tweak API parameters and image resolutions without any code change!

Param Aggarwal
Software Engineer at CureFit

Awesome tool, it is being used by my whole team. 'Export rules' feature is great !!

Lalit Sharma
Senior Manager Microsoft
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