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Requestly has helped over 100,000 web developers, sotware testers, QA and automation engineers in their development and testing workflows.

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Easy Interface

Primarily designed for web developers – Requestly enables easy debugging of remote & external scripts using simple Redirect & Script Rules.


AutoSync in Chrome

Requestly rules are stored in Chrome sync storage so even if you change your device, when you login to chrome you will get back your rules.


Files Library

Requestly allows uploading, creating and managing js, css, json etc files which can be used in Requestly rules. No need to setup local server now.


Multi Browser

Requestly is available for Chrome & Firefox. We intend to support Edge & Opera in near future. Debugging cross browser issues is lot more easier.


Regex Support

Requestly has rich interface to provide url matching conditions. Multiple Operators are supported – Equals, Contains, Regex (Matches) and Regex with wildcard too.


Backup & Share

Requestly allows you to download rules as text file. You can also share a list of rules by generating a public url and providing that to other users.

Customer success stories

  • Lea

    Requestly has tremendously improved my development workflow!

    I don’t know what I would do without it! It allows me to test any website using my local version of Mavo and other libraries I work on, so that I can push feeling confident that I haven’t just introduced any major regressions.
    I can also export my configuration and share it with any new collaborators and add rules to favorites so I can quickly toggle between local and remote version of the library. This extension is a must have for web developers!

  • Great Product, Very Recommended

    Great Product, Very Recommended

    I use this app to keep me focused when going to YouTube or Facebook by redirecting each to a specific page on that domain. For example, on YouTube, I redirect to a specific channel and on Facebook I redirect to my business page. Other extensions will loop if you are redirecting to the same domain but this one doesn’t. That makes it much better than the 5 other extensions I’ve tried for this purpose. Thanks!!

    Travis Pederson

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